Welcome to the 5th edition of the NextBase project newsletter

The NextBase project has entered its 34th month. We had a successful sixth general assembly (GA) meeting at TUD in Delft in March 2019. The most important progresses as compared to the last newsletter are the improvement of the solar cell efficiency to 25.1% (before 24.8%) using tunnel-IBC concept. The targeted cell efficiency value of 26% is in reach. The last three months will show whether the ambitious target will be realized. More importantly, an efficiency of 24.8% was demonstrated using films from the industrial prototype machine with the capability for high throughput production. This is a major success towards the industrialization of IBC-SHJ. Module efficiency of 23.2% on 1 cell laminate using smart wire connection technology (SWCT) as interconnection was realized. Mini-Module with the target efficiency of 22% will be processed before the end of the project.

We would like to thank to the whole consortium for a fruitful collaboration that made the project a success.