Forschungszentrum Jülich is an interdisciplinary, publicly funded research center with a staff of about 5.000 members working on the areas of health, energy and environment. One of the institutes at JÜLICH, the Institute for Energy and Climate research IEK, is divided into several departments. One is the IEK5 Photovoltaics. The IEK5 belongs to the world leading research institutions in thin-film technologies for PV and related research. JÜLICH covers the entire spectrum from research and development of the materials science to process- and device design and, finally, to demonstration of industrially relevant production methods. The SHJ materials and solar cells group deals with the design and process development for SHJ and IBC-SHJ solar cells. The process development focuses on the development of cost-efficient processes for the fabrication of IBC-SHJ solar cells. The material development concentrates on the fabrication and characterization of silicon alloys as well as their implementation in SHJ solar cells.