The 1st PhotoVoltaic Systems Summer School (PVSSS 2017)

The 1st PhotoVoltaic Systems Summer School (PVSSS 2017) was held in Delft at Delft University of Technology from the 2nd to the 9th of July.

Next to more than 10 hours of lectures given by international experts, the attendees had 25 hours of hands-on workshop in the state-of-the-art PV LAB of the PhotoVoltaic Materials and Devices group. The attendees could see how to fabricate and measure high efficiency solar cells in PVMD group clean and equipment rooms, do experiments on properties of light, build their own spectral response setup, characterize commercially-available modules, understand the (dis)charging cycle of batteries, simulate a PV system from power electronics perspective, fabricate their own maximum power point tracker, use advanced CAD for modelling PV systems, and mount a real 2 kWp grid-connected DC-coupled PV system with storage.

Next to study time and experiments, the attendees had several get-together moments, facilitating the formation of a sparkling and funny group. As attendees’ feedback comes, we are delighted to see that our high-profile lectures were well received as well as the experiments were well organized and relevant. We are proud for the support of NextBase project, as the didactical offer covered by the PVSSS 2017 addressed the main point of our consortium’s efforts: to contribute with high-profile research to high efficiency solar cells and modules for cost-effective PV systems towards massive solar energy penetration in society.

prof. dr. Miro Zeman and dr. Olindo Isabella, hosts of PVSSS 2017